Five Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Next Spring

Here are five outdoor tasks to do this winter to ensure a flourishing garden in the spring!

Cut back strategically

Don't go chopping away at the garden only to keep yourself occupied if you're feeling restless and bored. Pruning should never be done without a plan, and particularly not at this time of year. It's the best time to prune your evergreen shrubs and deciduous trees, since you'll be able to see their shapes more clearly without the leaves in the way. Cut back any perennials that suffered damage during a freeze and are now looking forlorn.

It is important to keep your lawnmower in good working order

This is one of those tasks that we often overlook, leading to frustration in springtime when we attempt to mow the grass for the first time. Any gas left in the mower over the winter may cause the fuel lines to get clogged, so be sure to clean and fix the mower before storing it away. Leaving gas in the tank during the winter requires starting the mower at least twice a month to protect the fuel lines from freezing shut.

Get rid of the old leaves

Have you seen the memes circulating on social media that advise leaving leaves on the lawn throughout the winter to serve as a habitat for insects and the like? Let it go. Assuming your grass is really a forest floor, this may be accurate. However, this is not the case, and keeping dead leaves on the ground during the winter might lead to disease difficulties; thus, you should make plans to go outdoors, rake up the leaves, and then deposit them in a compost bin.

Finish up with a thorough cleaning

I totally understand how tempting it is to hibernate inside and ignore the state of your landscape. You won't appreciate the effort until you return to a jumbled garden the following spring. Get rid of cages, containers, and temporary trellises; clean, fix, and store. In other words, you may start fresh in the new year.

Take the hoses off and put them away

A further chore that is everything from enjoyable. What's less exciting, though? The water faucet was broken. You should take your hoses in from the outside, drain the water from them, and store them in a dry place like a shed or garage until next spring. All finished up and out of the way.

Gather your gardening equipment and put them away after cleaning them. Now is the time to take stock of your equipment and get it in working order for the next season. Make sure everything is in working order before putting it away for the long term.

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