Flooring to Keep You Cool in Summer

The combination of warm - and sometimes hot - summers and cold winters can make it hard to choose the best flooring for your home to keep it comfortable all year round. Standing on an unheated tiled floor in the depths of winter is not a pleasant experience, but then neither is wading through thick, luxurious carpet in the middle of a heatwave. More and more of us now use a variety of different floor coverings in our homes - rather than wall-to-wall carpet, it is not unusual for the same home to have carpeted bedrooms, laminated living areas, a tiled bathroom and vinyl-floored utility room.

If your home is a comfortable temperature for most of the year, you have obviously got nothing to worry about; however, if you live in a particularly well-insulated home in a milder part of the country and find certain rooms simply too warm for much of the year, it might be time to re-think your flooring. are a great option for most parts of the home. Modern vinyl is hardwearing, water-resistant and can be stunning to look at. It is not too cold to walk on in the winter and will help to keep you cool in summer. It is ideal for most rooms in the home; however, if you want to install it in a very sunny, bright part of the house, check the manufacturer guidelines to ensure it won't fade too much in the sun. Vinyl can perfectly replicate other types of flooring, including tile and wood, and it is often impossible to tell it is not the real thing until you actually touch it.

Ceramic or porcelain tile

Bring the Mediterranean look into your home with beautiful tiled flooring. The perfect flooring to keep you cool in the summer months, tiles are a classic floor covering that will never go out of style. They can look especially elegant in conservatories or sunrooms. performs well at most temperatures, although it is important to make sure you acclimatise it before installing it. Modern laminates are very durable; however, it is still possible that they can be faded if exposed to bright sunlight for long periods for much of the year. Laminate performs well in warm weather, however, and is far more pleasant to walk on than thick carpet when temperatures rise. It is also warmer than tiles in winter, meaning it is a great all-year-round option if you want an alternative to carpet.

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