How Our Sunroom Was Transformed by Some Clever Insulation

One of the biggest reasons as to why we bought our property was the sunroom it has. On viewing the property, we fell in love with this room. It seemed so light, and the temperature in the room was perfect. We imagined ourselves spending many months in this room, having a great view of the garden and the sky above - it's like sitting in nature, but protected from the elements.

However, we made a very simple mistake - we looked at the property in April. At that time of year, the weather is temperate. Of course the sunroom was just reflecting the temperature outside. Over the course of a year, we discovered that the sunroom was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Moreover, because of that, we simply stopped using the room altogether. It had gone from being perhaps our most-look-forward-to feature of our new property to...becoming a completely useless room.

What to do?
I spoke about our problem with a friend of mine, and he suggested getting specialist insulation and uPVC cladding for the roof of the sunroom. This would change the sunroom from being a virtual greenhouse to a room with a roof and skylight windows. I had a professional roofing company look at our sunroom and they said they could turn the room into something you could live in 12 months a year. We were sold. The idea of turning the sunroom into a temperate living space 12 months a year was like having an extra room added to the house, but for a fraction of the cost of actually having it built.

The result
The room was much cooler in the summer, much warmer in the winter (we did have central heating added for the colder months). What's more - the room appears just as light as it ever did!

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