How To Rearrange Your Lounge

Your lounge is one of the most difficult rooms to rearrange successfully. With so many photos of impeccably arranged lounges and living spaces making the rounds on Instagram, it's hard not to think of attempting the same thing with your home. Although it may seem like hard work, there are some simple tips and tricks that will help ensure you get the best possible results. A great trick is to start the process by asking yourself several questions that will tell you a lot about what you need to consider when creating a great living space for you and your families" unique needs.

Do you have free walls where your furniture can sit?
You may have furniture that you want rearranged, but it cannot sit near the wall as there are shelves or some over obstruction there. If you want and can move those things around, place shelves elsewhere or change the orientation of where the television is. However, it is also fine to have seats floating and not touching the walls. Easily face the couch and chairs in front of or towards each other. If you have a coffee table, put it in between the sofa and chairs. By having this arrangement, you are encouraging conversation. Make sure you have at least 15 to 19 inches of space between the coffee table and sofa.

Do children use the room?
If you are more focused on having a child-friendly setup, make sure you create a natural division or partition between you and the children. A rug, which will become the play area, can be placed in the middle with chairs, lounge suites or sofas surrounding it. If you have particularly valuable pieces of designer furniture, be sure to position them away from primary play areas to help them avoid damage. If you also have one way in and out of the room, you should have at least 30 inches of space where most people will go. Think about the room's traffic flow and where most people will walk in and out of the room.

Do you want visual symmetry or balance?
If you are looking for balance, consider the size of each furniture. Once you have done this, place a similar piece across from that. For example, you have a lounge sofa and two chairs. If those two chairs almost equal the size of the sofa, place the two chairs side by side or with a little space and place the lounge sofa across. Furnishings like roller blinds that contrast with the colour of the walls can be used to add weight to certain parts of a room, as can pieces of unique furniture.

If you are looking for visual symmetry, use pairs of furniture to mirror one side of the layout. This type of arrangement is usually used for a more formal approach rather than a casual feel.

Helpful tips:
  • Remember to keep function at the front of your mind while laying out your lounge area. It can be surprisingly easy to get carried away with design and end up with a space that is difficult to live in!
  • Balance the room by mixing light and heavy colours.
  • Mixing modern and antique furniture is a tricky art to master, so feel free to experiment.
  • If you have empty space, use it as part of the design.
  • Consider the traffic flow in, out and around the room. Will you or your guests have enough space?

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