How Tree Surgeons Help Improve the Health of Trees

Trees add so much beauty to a neighbourhood. They bring with them their own little ecosystem of birds and other wildlife. Birdsong and the rustle of leaves in the wind are the soothing sounds they also bring with them. Trees are majestic and long-lived. They provide shade, and mark the changes in season so beautifully. However, that isn't to say they don't give us problems - hence sometimes the need for tree surgery to prevent those problems turning into disasters.

A few years ago I was renting a beautiful house in a (literally) leafy neighbourhood. There was a huge oak tree that overlooked my accommodation - situated just outside the back garden fence. In fact, it was curiously positioned in a kind of "no man's land" between the boundaries of each house. I worked from home, and my office desk faced a window that had a full view of the tree. The tree transfixed me at times...nature is so simple, yet so compelling. If you ever want your mind emptied of problems, just watch the wind blowing a tree's leaves, revealing their lime-coloured undersides that gleam in the early evening sunlight. Ah, I am digressing, as I am guilty of doing when talking about nature.

Anyway, one early Saturday morning I was woken up by the sound of voices - in fact, it was tree surgeons climbing my beloved tree. My heart sank. I put on some clothes and ran out to ask them what their plans were. Ten minutes later, I was back inside my home, fully reassured.

So what did they tell me? I had learned that there were two branches overhanging a particular home that were in danger of collapse. They were establishing what was wrong with the branches, and to remove them safely. In fact, these branches were diseased and had to be removed immediately to help prevent the spread of the disease. They were also treating the rest of the tree with a fungicide. They also reassured me that these branches could grow back again, in healthy condition. The were a friendly bunch of people, even considering my rather aggressive questioning. In the end, I had realised they were helping the tree, not harming it. If left alone, the entire tree could die due to this disease and ultimately something had to be done.

Of course, not all tree surgery is so timely. There are occasions where trees have to be cut down due to disease/other issues making the tree a danger to nearby housing. In the end, I realised that the clue was in the name: tree surgeons. They really are what they say they are. They will cut down as little as they can, safety permitting.

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