How to Choose an Antique Fireplace in London

You probably have a specific antique fireplace in mind if you're looking for one. Most likely, you want one that perfectly complements the design of your room and the house where the fireplace would be placed.

But there's a great deal more you should know. With that in mind, let's examine some of the more crucial factors to take into account when beginning to look at antique fireplaces, as well as how to assess these variables to make the best decision.

Choose the proper location of the antique fireplace

Although it's a common desire, not everyone has an antique fireplace in their living room. Be it the dining room, the bedroom, the kitchen, or even the bathroom, antique fireplaces can be installed in just about any room in a house.

The option isn't always determined by the kind of room. If there is a lot of activity in a particular room in your home that is prone to being cold, a fireplace can help to reduce the chill. The choice may also be influenced by the home's design. Your choice may also be influenced by the location of the chimney, as some homes have them in unusual locations or close to rooms where they are not typically found.

Understand History

Even though you might be willing to choose an antique fireplace from a variety of historical eras, it helps to have your options narrowed in advance. If you are aware of your exact period, this is especially crucial. When you arrive at the store and must make a final decision, it can be made that much easier if you are aware of the materials, the size, and other specifics from your preferred historical period.

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Size Counts

It also matters how big the fireplace is. Make sure to check that your fireplace is narrower than the width of the chimney because you want something that will fit the chimney. Check the fireplace's depth as well.

Make sure it doesn't protrude too much into the room where you're placing it, especially if there is a lot of daily foot traffic through that space. Lastly, take some pictures. Having your phone with you can help you match up with the appropriate antique fireplace because it can be difficult to picture your home once you arrive at the store.

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