How to Choose the Perfect Housewarming Gift

It's a rite of passage when moving into a new place to invite plenty of friends and family to warm it and turn it from a house or an apartment into a home. A is about filling a space with warmth and cheer, and that's quite easily done with some good people. However, a lot of invitees like to bring a housewarming gift to offer to those celebrating their new space, and finding the perfect present can be quite a task!

Choosing something for someone else's home, whether it's a practical housewarming gift, an aesthetically pleasing one or a combination of the two, for a man, a woman or a couple or a group of flatties, is a little nerve-wracking. Even if you know their tastes, picking a thoughtful present beyond the generic bottle of wine or candle is not as simple as it seems. We have put together a few guidelines for choosing the best housewarming gifts, so you can score points at all the parties for your present-giving prowess.

Gift from experience

Giving something that you use and love yourself is a great way to go - particularly if it's something that serves a shared interest, like reusable drinking straws for those into sustainability (and cocktails), or a pestle and mortar for foodies to grind up their own spices and make fabulous dishes. A housewarming present like this is personal, thoughtful and opens avenues for conversation and bonding down the road if they love and use it as much as you do!

Opt for something unique
People can buy what they need for their home, but coming up with a unique housewarming gift idea means you might hit on something they haven't thought of - or haven't felt they could splurge on. While you want to avoid something that's so niche it won't be used, or something too far outside the tastes of the recipient, a new home gift that is a little out of the box is always a treat - like a good quality novelty lamp that fits their quirks, or an interesting and helpful kitchen implement.

Men need household basics, too
When thinking about housewarming for moving into a bachelor pad, many will default to something considered "masculine" - a bottle of whiskey, beer mugs, something for the garage or the ubiquitous sign saying "man cave." It is an often-overlooked fact that men also need to and perhaps even like to cook, and that many of them also keep their homes clean and organised so they can enjoy their environment. Sometimes they even like to ensure that their space smells appealing! You know the guys in your life best, so don't buy as if for a caricature of the typical "bloke" - consider their real needs and wants.

Not all women love candles
The same principle laid out above applies with the ladies. While many do enjoy candles, diffusers, luxurious toiletries and other popular housewarming gifts for the fairer sex (so don't discount them!), there are certainly myriad women out there who prefer gifts on the more practical end of the spectrum - a chiller bag for picnics in the great outdoors, perhaps, or some nice planters for the keen gardener. Again, you will know the receiver best, but don't always default to something that smells nice or looks pretty when thinking of housewarming gifts for women.

Browse our housewarming gift ideas
If you're stuck for options even after reading the tips and trick above, take a look at the variety of available online. There are plenty of presents to pique your interest in there, all good quality items that will grace the rooms of any new abode

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