How to Choose the Right Tree Surgeon

Tree surgery is a highly skilled job that absolutely HAS to be carried out by qualified professionals. This isn't like most jobs where the worst that can happen is you botch the job and it costs you extra money. This kind of work could cost you your LIFE if you try it yourself without appropriate qualifications and training. Furthermore, even HIRING unqualified (so-called) tree surgeons could still put your life in danger as they may not be taking adequate safety precautions to ensure the safety of people on the ground as well as people on the tree.

With all that said, let's look at other aspects of tree surgery that you need to look for when hiring a company to do your tree care work.

Firstly, you will want to hire a tree surgeon who can assess the problem, the type of tree, overall safety, the surrounding area (including your neighbour's areas), aesthetics, lighting considerations and of course, your own desires.

Safety is the most major concern, so if the tree is in danger of collapse, then you have to forgo aesthetic considerations and have the tree cut down. If it's just an overhanging branch, then a skilled tree surgeon can remove the branch in such a way to minimise the change to the overall aesthetics of the tree.

If you're looking to have the tree cut down for reasons other than safety, a good tree surgeon will still talk you through other options. He/she will ask about the neighbour's opinions on such a drastic move, as well as lighting considerations, and of course the micro ecosystem in your garden that will be altered due to this change. These are considerations you may not have thought of before - and a good surgeon will walk you through all options before you decide what you want to do.

A professional tree surgeon will be properly insured so that in the unlikely event that their work causes damage, you are not going to be left out of pocket.

Furthermore, they will take into account noise pollution and seek to carry out their work well into daylight hours so as not to disturb the neighbourhood with the noise of chainsaws and chippers.

These are just some of the aspects to consider when looking to choose the services of a tree surgeon. Bear in mind that you should always find out if they have the right qualifications and experience before you start working with them, and insurance. Ensure also that they can show previous work and testimonials.

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