How to Create the Ultimate Backyard for Kids

For some, the memories made in a fun backyard form the most nostalgic part of childhood. These days, though, the hard part is actually putting the "fun" back in "backyard", especially when kids have so many other technological distractions to prefer over a good old game out in the garden. Since a plain patch of grass probably won't be enough to lure your child away from their iPad, we've put together a list of easy DIY tips and projects that both you and your children can get started on to create, with just a little imagination, the ultimate backyard for kids.

Make the garden a kid's fantasy
If you've got young kids, then the chances are that they're well acquainted with magical tales about dragons, toadstools, and fairies. For the most fantasy-inclined of children, therefore, the thought of building and fostering a little fairy-garden is sure to inspire immense excitement - so take a trip to your local DIY or home and garden store to pick up the requisite bits, and enjoy watching your child bring their imaginary world to life in nature.

Get arty with an outdoor chalkboard

Available everywhere and incredibly portable, blackboards are a wonderful way to break the negative association that kids quickly make between the backyard and exercise. They are also easy to make, with plenty of DIY tutorials out there to guide you. With just a piece of chalk or two, your little person can exercise their creative faculties at the same time as they take in the fresh air and scents of the garden - what's not to like?

Buy a trampoline

Trampolines are a no-fail way to ensure years of outside enjoyment for your kids. They're the rare backyard fixture which never truly lose their appeal: indeed, even after your kids have left home, you're bound to have a few young (or old!) visitors keen to test their gymnastic skills on this particular apparatus. Better yet, so many kid-safe options are currently on the market - ranging in size from the mini-tramp, all the way to 14 feet - that you're guaranteed to find something that's both secure and endlessly engaging. So, what are you waiting for?

Time for a pool?
Parents tend to be a little put off backyard pools for reason of the danger that water can pose, but is an easy way to guard against that risk. After all - it's every kid's dream to have a pool in the backyard, and they can form the basis of many a fun summertime party. We can smell the sunscreen already!

Put together a compact playground
Of course, most of us won't have the resources to create a great Willy-Wonka-like playground in our backyards, but even a few pieces of equipment can transform a bare garden into a child's dream. With swing and slide sets getting more affordable by the day, and sandpits as cheap as a couple hundred of dollars to construct from scratch, a small playground is both an inexpensive and a healthy way to keep your kids occupied outside. Like with the trampoline and the pool, make sure to comply with your area's fencing restrictions!

The classic outhouse
Few people have a massive oak in their backyard, so forget about the treehouse. Much easier and safer to construct is a a kid-sized grotto modelled on a proper cottage. From plastic pots, pans, and a fake oven to a charming mosquito-netted resting area, mini-houses like this are ridiculously easy to put in place. A pre-made shed will do the trick, and are just as rewarding to DIY if you're handy with a hammer. Believe us: you won't be able to tear your kids away if you try.

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