How to Declutter Your Home and Give it a Minimal Look

There's no doubt that a cluttered house just makes you feel like your life is disorganized. You go home, and there's just so much stuff everywhere - you run out of shelf space just trying to store it all. You start to question if you're turning into a hoarder - because you just can't let yourself throw out that magazine collection, or all those clothes you never wear.

I know the feeling, because I'm a reformed hoarder myself. While my own affliction was likely more extreme than the average householder, I know how difficult it can be just to get the time to find a new home for all your stuff you don't need, and make your home a neater, cleaner, more minimal place to live.

The first step you need to do is to draw up a list of people you know who would want all those items you don't need. If you can't find a new home for all your items, then consider charities. They'll gladly take your unwanted clothes and furnishings from you, and some even pick it up from your home.

Once you've emptied your home of all those unwanted items, consider sprucing up your decor. You'll likely be inspired by this point since your home will look more expansive and likely you'll have some new ideas you many not have thought of before. The first thing I did was get rid of my carpets - I looked for companies that specialised in flooring and got some nice wooden flooring done throughout my first floor. I also bought in lighter curtains, painted the walls a cream colour (I got rid of the previous wallpaper) - the overall look was very refreshing and I feel a lot better living in my home than I did 2 months ago!

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