How to Get Quality Granite Countertops in New England

If you live in the New England area you can get quality for your kitchen countertops and your bathroom vanities. Typically a 4" granite backsplash will be installed as well if you like or we can also complete your backsplash with a variety of finishes. Be creative and choosefrom an assortment of colors and choices including granite, marble, travertine,porcelain, slate, limestone, ceramic, quartzite, and sandstone.

Prices vary depending on where you live. In the Boston metro area you can get granite furnished and installed starting at $35 per square foot plus tax on the material. Some of the popular colors in that price range include Luna Pearl and Santa Cecilia.

The further out you go in Massachusetts, granite starts at $40 per square foot and when you reach Rhode Island, granite prices start at $45 per square foot.

Similarly granite prices in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, as well as New York and Connecticut start at $45 per square foot.

Prices shown include one free standard size stainless steel undermount sink. After the sink is installed, you will have to hire a plumber to reconnect all the plumbing work. The installer will drill a hole for your new faucet as well on the new granite countertop. He will also apply a sealant once the countertops are installed .

Don't be lured into the countertops you might see online starting at $19.99 per square foot. Whereas the prices quoted above include everything required to get new countertops installed, those low prices will then charge you a markup for sink cutouts, edges, disposal of existing countertops, template, and perhaps even a transportation fee.

The installer will come out and measure the square footage of countertop area you have, and then create a template of the exisiting countertop or just the cabinet layout if you don't have an existing countertop so that we can know the shape and size of the countertop we need tocut and fabricate for you.

The installer should l bring you granite samples to choose from, and you can be involved further in the selection process by visiting the installer's preferred stone showroom wherein you can actually pick the graniteslab you like.

The slab will then be transported to the shop where we the template is used to cut, fabicate, and polish the new countertops. They will then be transported to your home for final installation. A good installer will try to avoid creating seams but no section can be longer than ten feet without a seam.

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