How to Prevent Condensation on Double Glazing

Do your double glazing windows keep steaming up? Most of us are aware that condensation builds up when the surface temperature of the window is cooler than the inside of the room. But did you know that condensation can also be a sign of a double glazing window in need of some maintenance?

It's easy to assume that our windows will always be there for us, but they can and do get problems which need proper attention from time to time. Seals can wear and become ineffective (needing a seal replacement) the gas between the two panes can seep out leading to frequent condensation (and need for a replacement).

It's important to not ignore window condensation. If ignored then this condensation can slide down the glass and onto the wall, leading to black mould or even wet/dry rot.

But most of the time with a few simple solutions you can help to reduce and even prevent condensation build-up.

1. Keep the house at a constant temperature
Maintaining an even temperature inside the home helps to keep condensation at bay.

2. Reduce moisture
Moisture in the air can serve to exacerbate the problem. An extractor fan can help, or a small portable dehumidifier. This helps to reduce most of the water vapour in the air and prevent it from circulating.

Keep any extractor fans on for at least 15 minutes after you shower or cook any meals to prevent damp and condensation forming on and around the windows.

Remove any plants near your windows, temporarily or permanently as plants release moisture which can contribute to the issue.

3. Window insulation kits
These can be installed on the inside or outside of windows. On the inside this can help to prevent the build-up of condensation, on the outside this can help to reduce energy costs - though doesn't negate the effect of condensation.

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