How to Reduce Your Food Waste in 4 Easy Steps

There are a number of ways we can "shop smarter" when it comes to food shopping. It's all too easy to find yourself with half a fridge full of expired items, and fruit and veg that have turned moldy on the kitchen table. Not only that, but think of all the packaging that comes with food - so much of it unnecessary when you really think about it. Let's look at ways to make your food shopping greener, cheaper, and let me throw in an extra bonus too: healthier.

Shop for less items, more often
The rise of the "express supermarket" has meant you can buy your fresh items like fruit and vegetables closer to home, rather than have to drive out to the big box supermarkets. That means there's no excuse to shop for less items, more often. This method of shopping will reduce food that goes "off", and will allow you to buy even more fresh food, knowing it will be eaten in a day or two. Don't forget to bring your shopping bags!

Shop at the local market
Even better, if you have a market nearby, get all your fresh items there. They will not have any packaging and there almost certainly fresher than the fruit and veg at your local supermarket.

Eat wholefoods
Processed foods aren't just junk food, they literally produce a pile of junk too - with all the packaging that comes with them. Wholefoods come "as they are" and they are a lot healthier for you. If you think they're boring, think again. With wholefoods, you can make curries, pizzas, pasta dishes, roast name but a few ideas! It just comes down to learning some recipes, getting organized in the kitchen, and forming new cooking habits. You can cook a wholefood meal in as little as 20 minutes, one of the best investments of your time you can make. Not only that, but wholefoods will work out cheaper than buying processed foods over time.

Get organized and be disciplined
All of the above requires you to plan the day ahead. What will you eat? What ingredients do you need to buy? It doesn't need much organization, but it's a daily thing since you're buying fresher items more often. The discipline comes in with being prepared to cook more often.

These simple tips will help you get healthier, produce less waste, and save you money in the longer term.

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