How to Remove Wallpaper With No Sweat

When we moved into our house last July the previous owners had gone for a "Spanish Villa" theme. All the walls were covered in terracotta coloured wallpaper with a bright yellow boarder. It was the first thing we wanted to redo so we set to stripping the walls.

However, we found that the wallpaper was stuck on with some sort of industrial strength glue (maybe from Spain, I don't know.) We tried so many ways to try and get the wallpaper off easily, which cost us a small fortune until I tried this:

Hot water and cider vinegar.

It's dead cheap and works like a charm. You'll need to get some sort of bottle that has a spray nozzle I used an old Mr. Muscle kitchen cleaner bottle. Boil the kettle and when it comes to the boil take of the lid (carefully, it's SUPER hot, believe me, I know) and let the steam escape this will let you pour the water into your nozzle bottle without it melting the plastic. Fill your bottle with water until it's about three quarters full and then add your cider vinegar. Give the bottle a good shake and leave it alone for about 10 minutes. Then spray your walls all over. Start at the top, the excess water will run down the walls and soak into the paper below rather than into your carpet. Spray a whole wall at a time and then again, leave for 10 minutes.

Test the walls run your finger along it and if the wallpaper seems to be crumbing away on to your fingers you're ready. I find it easier to pull the old paper from the bottom but the top will work just as well. Loosen the paper until you are holding a whole strip and slowly and smoothly pull away from the wall - the vinegar will have dissolved the glue so all you need to do is give the walls a quick wipe afterwards, no sticky mess left on the wall. Hey presto, easy as anything!

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