Improving Your Home Before Putting it on the Market Can Be Very Profitable

We get so used to our homes that we can stop seeing all the things other people might notice about it. The faded paint on the picket fence, for example. These can be small things, but they get noticed by prospective new buyers of the home you put up for sale. It can be a costly mistake to think "leave those jobs to the people we sell our home to". An existing problem with the house can be a bargaining chip for the buyer - they can list all the issues that need addressing, and you can bet they will be estimate the costs based on some upper-end ballpark figure. Whereas, imagine if you already addressed those issues! They now become selling points, not drawbacks. You can create a list of recently-done jobs on the property. This will give a good impression on the prospective buyer. They can see it as a time saver and money saver, while you have more bargaining power to sell at the asking price (not often easy to do, but easier when you can boast all these improvements).

So what kind of improvements are we talking about here? Relatively small ones. This article isn't about adding a new extension or conservatory to your home. It's much smaller things that shouldn't cost much at all to do, but can make a big difference.

Paint and/or Maintain Your Fence
Your front garden fence is the first thing a prospective buyer will see. Ensure it's looking as good as new via a fresh coat of paint, or varnished if appropriate.

Tidy Up Your Garden
Moving on fronm the fence, ensure the garden is tidy, the grass cut, the flowers all attended to.

Declutter Your House
Have you always planned to declutter your house? If so, the very idea of putting your property on the market should be the reason to declutter your house (before you put it on the market). A house with less items in it looks far more spacious, and it affords the house hunter the opportunity to imagine what the property could look like with their furnishings in it.

How Clean are the Walls?

The problem with decluttering is it often shows more of your walls - and sometimes it can reveal stains and markings. Ensure your walls look a consistent colour via cleaning, or perhaps even repainting if necessary.

Clean the Carpets
Get your carpets looking new again by hiring professionals to get them thoroughly cleaned.

Get Rid of Any Bad Smells
A bad smell can be a dealbreaker even if you get everything else right. If you own a pet dog, ensure each room has "dog smell" eliminated from it. Scented candles can provide a pleasent smell.

Let in as Much Natural Light as Possible

There's no better way to show off a room than be illuminating it with natural light. Don't make the mistake of leaving curtains half-drawn. Pull them right back and let as much natural light in as possible.

With all of these small improvements, you home will look far more appealing and "ready to move in" than it would if you just leave it in its normal state.

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