Keep Your Kitchen Nice and Clean at All Times

Your kitchen occupies a prominent place in the house. The kitchen should be arranged in such a way that it becomes easy to do the daily chores. My kitchen has granite platforms on both the sides and beneath the platforms I have made cupboards for keeping things.

We've worked hard on the kitchen to give it a cleanly, minimal appearance. We get the paint rollers out and whitewashed the walls just so we can see dirt and grime more easily. I have resin flooring in my kitchen which makes me less worried about spills on the floor - super easy to keep clean.

In one cupboard I have kept all the grocery items and in the other cupboard I have kept all the cooking utensils. All the cupboards have under-cabinet lighting. On one platform I have kept the gas stove and on the other I have kept the microwave, mixer, blender and sandwich maker.

For spices I have purchased a spice rack which consists of glass bottles arranged on a rack. While cooking I keep the rack on the top of the platform so that I can use all the spices I want. From the kitchen I have a small balcony. In the balcony I have kept a few pots in which I have grown herbs which I use while cooking to add a dash of flavor. I always make it a point to keep the kitchen clean by cleaning the tiles and the napkins which I use regularly.

All of this organization just makes cooking a much more enjoyable job!

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