Landlords: Get Your Carpets Cleaned by a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company on a Regular Basis

With the first rung on the housing ladder so far away for the millions who are forced to rent, the rental market has grown enormously over recent years. One of the most contentious issues with renting is the wear and tear a property is subjected to during the term of a tenancy.

As a carpet cleaner, I've spoken to many landlords AND tenants on the subject of wear and tear that carpets receive. For many young families, it's inevitable that young children are going to spill all kinds of liquids onto the carpet. In fact, I've talked to landlords who refuse to rent out property to young families because of issues like this! Whenever I hear this, I always ask them to show me photos of the worst damage their carpets have received. Without exception, I know that we could have cleaned up these mishaps and the carpet wouldn't show any signs of spillage, nor any smells.

The problem is that these kinds of landlords don't hire professional cleaning companies - they either try to do the cleaning themselves, or get a regular cleaner in to try and remove stubborn stains. The results of their efforts often make the carpet even worse. They get rid of the stain, but in doing so, remove a lot of the colour from the carpet in the process. And so, they already decide to narrow down the type of person they want as a tenant - simply because they didn't get a professional cleaning company to clean up after their last tenant.

Of course, many landlords will point to the tenancy agreement and say it's the job of the tenant to ensure the property looks exactly like it did when they moved in. That's a fair point (of course), and for sure, if a tenant breaks items, or causes damage way beyond the usual "wear and tear", then it's down to the tenant to foot the bill.

However, from a business perspective, it just makes sense for landlords to have a professional carpet cleaner in their contacts list and have them clean the carpets at the end of every tenancy as a matter of course. Spillage on carpets is a contentious issue - is it wear and tear, is it beyond that? Particularly with young children, it's asking a lot for young families to either keep the carpets spotless throughout their tenancy, have professional cleaning skills themselves, or be aware of professional cleaning companies AND have the forethought and courtesy in the first place to get stains removed when moving out. If I were a landlord, I would have the carpets cleaned ANYWAY since it will make the property look more attractive to prospective new tenants. It guarantees a faster turn around of tenants - particularly when new prospective tenants are often shown around before the current tenants have moved out!

Getting the carpets cleaned regularly by a professional company is a merely a cost of doing business, in my humble opinion.

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