Learn From My Mistakes: Tips On Moving To A New Home

To me, moving to a new home is just below going to the dentist and just above having my limbs broken. I hate it - primarily because I don't prepare adequately before the move. I've been caught out not even having packing tape ready for when I box up my stuff. Ideally you can afford to have a moving company come in and pack things up and move you, but if you're like me and don't have the money for that...keep reading.

My first tip is to rent a moving van or truck. By the time you pay for gas and beer to have all your buddies load up their cars and trucks and make ten trips to your new place, you will realize you could have saved time and money with a rental.

The second and most important piece of advice is to work ahead. Nothing makes me more crazy than going to help someone move and discover that they have packed NOTHING! Now, I realize that you may not want to pack every dish, piece of clothing, and your toothbrush in advance but really do you think you are going to suddenly need your Grandma's china that is sitting on a shelf covered in dust? Anything that is decorative only or that is rarely used should be boxed in advance.

Along with that is my third and final piece of advice, label your boxes. Nothing is worse than being exhausted and having to open every box to find your toothbrush, comb, whatever. I like to label the box with what is in it and what room it belongs in. That way whomever is helping me can put the box in the right room and unpacking is easier. So, while nothing can take the ache out of moving day if you plan ahead it will go faster, smoother, and you will be able to settle in to your new place with less hassle.

Article kindly provided by swift-london-removals.co.uk

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