Less is More When it Comes to Home Decor

It's pretty much become a cliche that in many cases, less is more. Despite its reputation for being well coined, the phrase certainly applies to home decor. I've visited thousands of houses, and almost without exception I can tell you that each house's decor has been designed by degree. In other words, it wasn't like the home owner had a deliberate design in mind. They started from one point, and various furnishings accumulated through the years. Sure, they throw out some of the older furnishings, but there does seem to be this accumulation of stuff that goes on. It's not really by design, it just happens.

However, I have seen houses transformed when they go for the minimalist look. Huge areas of space emerge seemingly out of nowhere. Rooms look cleansed and refreshed. More natural light is set free. The spaces created are like white space on a page - it's the gaps that really give these designs their orderliness and shape. Moreover, I've seen the people who inhabit those living spaces transformed in their own way too. They feel more relaxed, more content, more at peace. It's not like they liked clutter before, and now they don't. No, it was that clutter creeped up on them via perceived necessity. It was somehow necessary to get another bookcase, because...more books. Another wardrobe had to be installed because...more clothes. It's almost unavoidable to accumulate items as the years pass, but it means our homes often accrue more furnishings than we originally planned for. It's always good to literally take stock of your furnishings and decide if it might not be better to create more space in each room - for your own peace of mind as much as anything else.

Article kindly provided by vivalagoon.com

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