My Garden Has My Full Attention

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It's the 1st of June, and despite the rather chilly weather in the UK, it's actually the start of the meteorological summer today. I like to tend to my garden at this time of year - it's in full bloom and the lush colours of my plants and bushes really help keep me there - either with a trowel in my hand, or perhaps later on....a book, or even a glass of wine - relaxing in my chair.

I love watching the colours of my garden subtly change as the sun slowly sets and twilight turns imperceptibly into darkness. On the warmer nights, I like to remain outside after sunset - relying on the LED garden lights I purchased at (in my dotage, I've actually become accustomed to buying things online - it gives me even more time to potter around in the garden rather than in shopping aisles!). The lights on my decking come in handy when I'm moving from indoors to outdoors and vice versa. However, sometimes I might even keep the lights off to enjoy the night's sky if it's cloudless.

Even when I'm indoors, I'm often thinking about the next day's gardening jobs. I check the weather reports to anticipate the best times to be doing the biggest tasks.

It's not just the creativity I love about tending a garden, but the exercise too. I actually have a manual lawnmower - it's powered by nothing more than my own muscle power. It's so much more satisfying when the grass is cut.

Overall, I see my property as garden first, house second - well, during spring and summer at least! Come the autumn, and I feel a sense of loss as I bed the garden down for the winter. Then again, the winter gives me ample time to make plans for the following spring...!

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