On Choosing the Right Flooring Company

Having a wooden floor restored or installed is a big job - and the results can either vastly improve the decor of your home or...ruin it. Like many home improvement disciplines, the quality of the end result is exclusively down to the team carrying out the task.

A skilled team will :-
  • have years of experience, with an excellent track record
  • know the best materials to use
  • advise you on a range of design options (some you may have not considered) and have a large swatch of material colours to choose from
  • have a passion for their work. Floor-fitting is a craft and much more than merely a job
  • be clear on pricing options and time estimates
  • be able to compare similar jobs to the one you're asking them to do - so you can see a good representation of the end result from their previous work.
Before choosing the team to carry out the flooring job, you should :-
  • talk to a number of flooring companies and ask them a number of prepared questions
  • compare their answers, previous work, price, time estimates, and enthusiasm
  • do your own research online regarding each company to see if what they have told you matches up with what they say on their website and also previous customers" experiences (if you can find testimonials)
From here you may be able to draw up a shortlist of two or three flooring companies to consider - who can survey the job and give a more accurate quotation. This gives you an opportunity to meet each floor-fitter face to face and you can guage their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Making the final choice is always going require a bit of a leap of faith - after all, you won't know the end result until the job is done. However, you can take many steps to ensure that leap is as small as possible.

Article kindly provided by wood-flooring-specialist.co.uk

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