On Getting Your Property Tested for Mold

Mold is a terrible scourge on any property. Mold loves moisture, and it's moisture that you need to stop forming in the confines of your home.Most people think of the obvious when you mention moisture in the home. The most common reason the average person cites for the cause of moisture is drying clothes on radiators. Yes, that's certainly a common one - but it's also an easy one to fix. However, there are less common ones that I have experienced:-
  • poor ventilation in a bathroom can mean that steam from showers forms as moisture on the walls and even ceiling of the bathroom.
  • I've seen quite a few homes where a tumble dryer is placed in a garage with its exhaust vent not having any outlet from the garage itself. For some reason, people think mold is just an aesthetic problem, and it's OK to have mold on garage walls. Actually, by far the biggest concern with mold is health-related issues.
  • Sweat can cause mold. Yes, absolutely. The problem is more acute in rooms that people convert to "mini gyms" - it's not uncommon to see mold in such rooms.
However, the most pernicious cause of mold are leaky pipes. The problem occurs on the other side of the wall. This is by far the most dangerous form of mold growth because it can be years before the problem is visible. That's why it's worth getting your property looked at by a professional to see if your home might be suffering from this kind of problem. A professional mold tester can scan your property for mold with a moisture meter. If any is found on walls, but no obvious sign of mold, you MIGHT have a leaky pipe within the wall.

Article kindly provided by plumber-guildford.co.uk

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