On Telecommuting From the Bottom of My Garden

Being a telecommuter isn't for everybody, yet I would suggest that for those who have a career in a design-orientated area, do seriously consider doing your work from home if it's possible to do so. So, why? Creativity isn't a nine to five thing - you could be creative at anytime of the whole day, not just 9 to 5. Furthermore, it's hard being artistic in a loud office. Be it graphic design, web development, writing, print, whatever - you want that peaceful environment to think up creative ideas.

I've been working from my house for the last six years, and have often marvelled at why I didn't make the move sooner. I work everyday, still every day kind of feels like a day off. I suppose you would possibly assume I am taking it easy; still I'm not - it is simply that at any time when I sit down to my project at hand, I truly DO work. No effort is a waste, and therefore it's really productive. I do know of some other people who have garden offices and they usually are in agreement with me - working from home actually saves time - especially when you consider transport time to a regular office - and is truly productive also. While it's not for everybody, in the event you really feel you're not making the most of your alotted time within the workplace, contemplate telecommuting.

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