Recipe for a Lasting Concrete Driveway

A lot of builders and concrete contractors will treat the concrete construction of a driveway just like a patio or sidewalk. This is a big issue because they support vehicles that weigh thousands of pounds. Because of this, the driveway needs extra work to make sure it's able to support the weight for along time down the road.

Here are the top tips to make sure you have the strongest slab possible.

Consider the thickness you are planning to pour for your driveway. Most companies will quote a four-inch slab however, since you are putting on the weight of a vehicle it would be worth the investment to quote a five-inch slab. You can expect around a fifty percent increase by adding the additional inch.

Take a look at your reinforcement. There are two ways to reinforce concrete, which are using a wire mesh or using rebar. The purpose of this is to hold the slab together to help prevent it from cracking later on down the road. If the concrete does start to crack, the reinforcement will help keep it in place rather than cracking al the way through. Because of the additional strength of rebar over the wire mesh, it would be in your best interest to have the driveway done with it. The costs between the two are minimal.

It's all about the base. What's under you driveway is as important as what you put on top of it. The best base for your concrete driveway will vary depending on your geographical location. It could very between seventeen inches of soil to five inches of gravel. The best advice would be to get in touch with your local municipal building and see if you contact a building inspector. They will be able to give you the exact requirements necessary to pass the local code.

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