Revitalise Your Old Fitted Wardrobes With These Tips

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to update the look of your bedroom, why not start with your fitted wardrobes? Whether you want to give them a complete makeover or just refresh their look with a few new accessories, there are plenty of ways to get creative. Let's take a look at some of the best ideas for breathing new life into those tired old wardrobes.

Paint It Up

The quickest and simplest way to give your fitted wardrobes an instant facelift is to paint them. You can go with a bright, bold colour if you're feeling daring, or choose something more muted and subtle if you prefer. You can even add texture to the paint by using sponges or brushes in different patterns - this will help create visual interest and depth. If painting isn't your thing, why not try wallpapering the inside of your wardrobes? This will instantly transform their appearance and make opening the doors an exciting experience each day!


Adding accessories to your wardrobe is another great way to breathe new life into it. For example, why not try adding some decorative handles or knobs? These are available in all shapes and sizes so you have plenty of options when it comes to finding something that fits with the style of your bedroom. You could also consider putting up shelves or hanging baskets inside the wardrobe - these can be used for storing shoes, bags and other items which will help keep things organised while also creating an attractive feature.

Replace Your Doors

Revitalize your wardrobe and make a fresh statement with new doors. Whether you choose the classic shaker style for timeless sophistication, or something chic & glossy to stay stylishly current, replacing your wardrobes" door is an easy way to significantly upgrade their look without breaking the bank. There's never been more potential for design-savvy renovations - so don't delay any longer! Make over your closets now and be envied by all who see them.

Create Intrigue With Wallpaper

Bring drama and depth to your fitted wardrobes by introducing wallpaper accents. Play with different patterns or colours to create a visually stimulating space that perfectly complements the rest of the room's decor.

Add Some Lighting

Lighting can also be used as a great way to refresh old fitted wardrobes. Adding lights inside the wardrobe will help improve visibility when searching for clothes ā?" this is especially useful for dark-coloured wardrobes where it is harder to see what is inside them. You could also try adding LED strip lighting around the edges of your wardrobe - this will create a warm glow which will add character and atmosphere to any room.

Refreshing old fitted wardrobes doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. With just a few simple changes such as painting, accessorizing or adding lighting, you can completely transform their look without breaking the bank! So don't wait any longer - start planning how you can give your fitted wardrobes an instant facelift today!

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