Some Handy Tips on Hiring a Landscape Gardener

In the hustle and bustle of getting ready to plant your garden, you need some quick and simple pointers on how to choose the right landscaper. When considering what type of gardener you would like to hire, keep in mind the basics of good landscaping: his experience, his green credentials, and his willingness to work with you, your home and your plants. Ask for some references and ask if he will give you an informal consultation before making any commitments. Most experienced landscapers have websites that display their portfolio or show a number of photos of their work.

A good landscape architect is someone who has mastered a variety of styles and designs. He should be able to create a garden design that blends into your landscape and compliment your home's style. A good designer will use a variety of textures and materials to build a garden that is pleasing to the eye, while being practical at the same time (allowing for easy access points, space to grow plants, space to enjoy the garden itself (not too cluttered with features).

Your specific needs should be addressed in the initial meeting. Landscape designers have to know a great deal about what you want from yoru garden and how to incorporate those into the new design. Good communication skills are critical. You should be able to explain your wants and needs clearly and in a manner that the gardener understands.

The landscaper can show you previous work, and even mockups of how your garden could look, based on a few design ideas. This removes the risk of you being disappointed after the job has been completed - since you'll have a clear idea of the design before the work has even started.

Some people think "I don't need a landscaper, I can do it myself!". Sure, some homeowners have the skills and motivation to do it themselves. However, there's always the risk of biting off more than you can chew. Even if you still want to go ahead and do it all yourself, why not hire a professional landscape designer as a consultant? They can advise you on various designs and give you advice on how to execute the job.

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