Some Tips on Preparing Your Fence for the Autumn and Winter

It won't be long before fall arrives in full force! The autumnal equinox - which will be with us on September 23rd - means that the days and nights will be of equal length. The nights will continue to get longer until late December.

Is your backyard prepared to rake all the leaves? Are you prepared to apply fertilizer to your grass in order to help it survive the next winter?

There are many things to accomplish, so while you cross them off your to-do list, remember to check your fence. Prior to the arrival of the snow, it will require some maintenance.

Keep your fence waterproof and weatherproof
If you have a wood fence, too much moisture may rot and deform it, among other things. Get outside right away and apply a brand-new layer of weatherproof paint, stain, or sealer.

Keep the ground clear and the leaves raked
Once more, this has to do with avoiding the dreaded buildup of moisture. You're only asking for problems if you let bits of decaying material to accumulate around your fence, such as dead grass, leaves, and other debris. After an intense autumnal downpour or the melting of winter snow, keeping the area free allows the earth and your fence to dry out.

Ensure no debris can fall on the fence
Check your yard for any dangers that may fall over the fence and harm it while you're out there. A tree branch may become weighed down by ice and snow throughout the winter, split, and fall onto the fence.

Examine any recent damage
Avoid letting a little issue grow into a major one! One of the biggest preventative steps you can take to ensure the health of your fence is vigilance.

These are some basic tips to help prepare your fence for the colder and darker months ahead. For more involved work like repairs or replacement, you should seek professional help in those areas.

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