Spring Home Improvements

Sometimes the annual spring clean just is not enough. The season of transformation may inspire some homeowners to go one step further and make some real changes about the house - both internally and externally.

A new coat of paint is the easiest way to make an instantly noticeable change. Moving from a dark colour to a lighter shade allows more light to be reflected, brightening up the immediate area.

Exterior surfaces
If painting exterior surfaces, take into consideration the weather and your own safety. Hire a mobile tower or scaffolding rather than working from ladders. Clean exterior surfaces and make sure that they are relatively smooth and solid before painting. Seal surfaces with a masonry paint primer before applying the top coat. Wooden surfaces should be sanded down and pre-painted with a primer and undercoat. Once dry, add several top coats of gloss.

Interior surfaces
When painting interior surfaces, the key consideration is preventing paint from finding its way onto other objects. If possible, move everything from the room being painted or use dust sheets to cover everything. Use an infrared heater to help speed up the drying process.

New garden path
Changing the route through a garden alters your perspective of it. If your garden has a line of mud from where you have deviated from the pre-existing path, then it is probably time to install a new one.
The easiest and cheapest way to create a new path is by using mulch or gravel. These substances need a border to prevent them from spreading laterally. Plastic landscaping edging is the cheapest, but brick or stone are the most appealing visually.

Garage maintenance
The garage is an often overlooked part of a property. By giving it an annual inspection, any nascent problems can be prevented from becoming serious. Remove all contents and check for damp patches on the wall or roof, as these may indicate a leak.

Check metal surfaces for signs of rust. If any is found, sand it down and apply a water-based latex paint designed to prevent it from spreading. Get rid of any unnecessary junk from the garage and make sure that all essentials - tool box, jump start kit, spare tyres, car jack - are in working order.

Replacing doors
The wrong style of interior door can ruin an otherwise delightful room. Thankfully, replacing a door is a relatively simple project. The first thing to do is to make some practical considerations. Should the new door have a window in it to allow extra light? Does it need to be a fire door? How much insulation should it provide?

Style-wise, the choice is between panel doors, moulded doors and flush doors. When the old door has been removed, measure the width and height of the doorframe in a number of places - this will make fitting the new door far easier.

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