The Benefits of Fire Doors, Beyond The Obvious!

I think we can all agree that Firedoors are lifesavers. They are designed to prevent the spreading of fires throughout a building to allow an easy and safe exit.

Firedoors themselves are solid timber frames that contain an intumescent seal that is designed to expand at temperatures over 200 degrees, which ultimately seal the gaps between the doors.

This in itself is a huge reason to select a Fire Door if you happen to be door shopping! However, there are also many other reasons as to why Fire doors are desirable, not only from a practical standpoint, but also from an aesthetic standpoint also.

Fire doors have the primary function of protection for you in your home, place of work or where ever you may be. But the question arises, as to why buy them in the first place? Well, oak is one of the finest timbers to use for internal doors. It visually looks more appealing, which gives it a prime finish and look.

Oak doors can add a sense of style and luxury to your interior decor, as they almost compliment all flooring types perfectly, adding to the feel to your home. Here are a few more reasons on why to buy Oak Fire Doors:-
  • Tough & Robust - Oak material is generally tougher and stronger than others - which make them ideal fire doors. These doors are made to a high standard, where the emphasis is on longevity.
  • Long Lasting - Oak generally last longer than other materials and is also more resistant to wear and tear because of its robust nature. It will look just as good over the span of many years as from the day it was first installed.
  • Better Insulating properties - Because of the robust nature of oak finishes, they generally keep a room better insulated, reducing the air that cold air that can come into a room.
  • Noise Reduction - again, due to fire doors being stronger and tougher in nature, they generally keep noise levels down from the outside. Now don't worry, you will still hear the doorbell! The oak can shield any unwanted noise that may arise.
So as can be seen, there are some excellent practical benefits of Internal Fire Doors. For any further information on Firedoors or any other particular style of doors, visit our website

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