The Benefits of Installing a New Bathroom

Most people can tolerate their old, traditional bathrooms - they're familiar to the point that everything can be found in the dark. The old bathroom kind of becomes yet another room you no longer pay attention to. However, the moment you realise not just how good a newly designed bathroom can look, but how much money it can save you, a change of bathroom becomes a compelling project for many home owners.

More Economical
With expert guidance - from the likes of a company such as who specialise in bathrooms designs - you will see your water bills reduced when you replace your old bathroom with a new economical one - less wasteful toilet flushes (via dual flush), and smart water saving taps and mixers that are also less wasteful of water. Finally, water saving baths have a lower volume capacity, but still offer the luxurious bathing experience. Even replacing small bathrooms can really make a difference to your water bills.

A rimless toilet means nowhere for germs to hide, and a toilet that's easy to clean. New bathrooms use modern bathroom products that are far easier to keep clean than older bathrooms - making it easy to retain their new look for many years after installation.

Better Looking
Let's face it - a big reason we want a new bathroom is because they look so good. You look forward to using it, and dare I say - even cleaning it.

Adds Value to Your Home
Like any home improvement project, it should be seen as an investment, not simply a cost. Typically, a new bathroom will add value to your home in excess of the money you've paid for your bathroom. It also makes your home easier to sell.


Before undertaking the project of installing a new bathroom design, you must consider a number of things, including utilisation of space, ventilation and heating, water economy and electrics.

Utilisation of Space
A new bathroom gives you the chance to start from scratch. If your current bathroom has a bath that rarely gets used (and is merely a place to stand for a shower), maybe you could forgo a bath, and just install a shower cubicle instead - creating more space in the bathroom. The same goes for cabinets - empty cabinets mean you need LESS cabinets in the new design. And remember, space doesn't have to be filled - it can be nice to have some empty space so move around easily in your bathroom, and space saving bathrooms help you achieve that. Also, consider space saving toilets to create that extra bit of space.

Ventilation and Heating
Ventilation is a big one - get that wrong, and you could find mould growing in your bathroom before long. It's important to ensure effective ventilation is part of the new bathroom's design. Heating is a big consideration in winter. Towel radiators are a good addition to a newly designed bathroom.

Water Economy
We touched on this earlier as a benefit, but remember to emphasise this in the design stage. Work out how much water the household uses and the areas it could save the most in - and see if the new design can really help reduce water consumption for your home.

Ensure you use a professional installer for your new bathroom who understands the latest IEE Wiring Regulations. The bathroom is an especially important consideration for safe electrics, with ample water splashed around the room.

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