The Benefits of Maintaining Your Garden on a Regular Basis

There are many aspects to maintaining a garden: cutting the grass, collecting leaves and debris, keeping the lawn well-hydrated, trimming hedges, keeping weeds at bay, planting and pruning to name a few tasks. It can be difficult to keep up all these chores if you're busy. If that's the case with yourself, should you hire a professional garden maintenance company to do the job for you? This article emphatically says "YES" to that - whoever does the job, your garden needs regular maintenance for many compelling reasons - let's take a look at just a few of them.

A well-kept garden helps "sell" your property
It's often hard to imagine what a well-kept garden looks like if it's been neglected. If you have prospective buyers looking at your property, and you've left your garden grow wild, then despite the fact that a new owner could easily get the garden looking good in a short amount of time, it can be a dealbreaker for some. Why? Because it just adds a seed of doubt. Why is the garden so badly maintained? Is the long grass hiding a problem? Are gardeners turning away from maintaining this garden for some unknown reasons? This brings me onto the next point...

A poorly maintained garden can encourage plant/lawn diseases
Leaves left to rot on the ground, an over-watered lawn, a crowding of plants (poorly laid out)...these can all encourage diseases to spread throughout the garden. A well maintained garden thrives because diseases can be kept at bay. If you DO find yourself with a disease in the garden, it's an extra cost and you can lose a lot of time in eradicating diseases too. And, can you imagine if you try to sell your property, and your garden is just looking off-colour? Not a good look.

There's more space
Trimming the hedges and trees, cutting the grass - you're creating space at the same time. The garden is like an extra large room when the weather isn't too hot or cold - you're more inclined to spend time in your garden if it's well kept. And it's not just space for you that you create when a garden is maintained, but space for your plants. This discourages the spreading of disease as each plant gets more sunlight and nutrients.

A well maintained garden makes you happier!
You're more likely to spend time in your garden if you look after it. Even just looking out at your well-maintained garden creates a sense of calm and order. It's much the same as living in a well-maintained, neat and tidy house. You feel better.

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