The Benefits of Using Artificial Grass

Let's take a look at some benefits of installing artificial grass in your garden over using natural grass.

Save on Water

It seems in the summertime, you have two choices with your natural grass garden - you can either let it take on that second-week-at-Wimbledon look (yellowing), or you have to water it a lot to keep it that lush green. In recent years, we've seen we can't rely on the weather (wherever you are in the world!) to water our gardens for us. Either we face bigger water bills, or we see our grass look less than perfect. And even if we don't mind spending more on water, you can sometimes find your local authority outright banning your hosepipe useage if your local area is facing a drought.

ALL of these issues are avoided if your garden utilises artificial grass

No Maintenance
If you do have that lush well-watered natural grass garden, you have to mow it at least once a week in the spring and summer. Go away on holiday for a few weeks, and your neighbours give you that look that suggests "your grass jungle is devaluing the curb appeal of my property". Again, with artificial grass, your grass requires zero maintenance and your garden always looks in tip-top condition.

It's Environmentally Friendly
You don't need to use a petrol-driven mower to cut artificial grass, nor do you need any chemicals to spray on it to maintain it. It's save for the environment and your children too.

It's Literally Greener
With natural grass, we all know that winters mean the ground is wet throughout those cold months, and with any kind of useage, the grass can quickly become a muddy brown. Not so with artificial grass - your garden stays a vibrant, natural green throughout the year with artificial grass.

It Saves You Money
With almost zero maintenance, you also save money with artificial grass as you don't need to spend money on water, petrol/electricity costs and the various treatments you might need for natural grass.

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