The Importance of a Home Inspection

Buying a home is the biggest investment we will ever make. The process of purchasing a home very exciting but incredibly daunting. Dealing with contracts, negotiations, mortgage loans, and a trove of paperwork can be menacing. The prospective home buyer needs to be prepared for unforeseen problems with their investment. Taking the time and investing in a home inspection specialist will make the home buying process a smooth one.

Every home has a history. A professional home inspection will reveal the homes secrets, but the home inspection will instill the home buyer with a degree of confidence in their purchase. In addition to a home appraisal, usually required by a mortgage lender, the home inspection will reinforce the sellerÔ?Ts asking price for the home. Having a professional home inspection can be a deciding factor in the negotiation process.

Unlike an appraisal, which only provides the market value of the property, a home inspection offers a comprehensive look at the home's condition.

These investigations should include an analysis of the home's mechanical systems such as HVAC systems, plumbing, and electrical systems, as well as an overall condition of the roof.

A home inspection will forewarn the buyer of safety concerns or potential issues with the property, such as mold, lead-based paint, asbestos, and compromised foundations. A specialized home inspector will be able to advise the need for remediation. In addition to these environmental concerns, a home inspection will identify home code violations that may be present. This type of problem is quite common in older homes. It is important for the home buyer to be aware of these issues and possible hazards before the customer makes a choice.

A home inspection is a great tool for future planning, especially when purchasing an older home in need of upgrades. A detailed home inspection will provide the buyer with a life expectancy for roofs, furnaces, and appliances. A home inspector will be able to inform the buyer of any local codes as they pertain to fencing laws, the addition of decks, etc. so that the home buyer may plan accordingly for future home improvements.

There are several avenues to finding a reputable home inspection company. Your real estate agent, as well as your mortgage lender, will undoubtedly be able to recommend one for you. Although you can typically trust a Realtor to provide you with a reputable contractor, you will also want to be aware of the source. The home inspector should be a licensed contractor in the state in which you are purchasing your home. They should be able to provide you with references, other than real estate agents; they may not be inclined to suggest a home inspector who is overly thorough in their evaluation of the property. Other good sources for home inspectors include local Builder Associations, trade unions, the Chamber of Commerce, etc.

A home inspection is quite common in the real estate industry today. Many home purchase contracts will call out a home inspection as a contingency on the sale. This small investment will help provide peace of mind when investing your life savings in a home.

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