Tips To Finding A Good Roofing Contractor

The biggest problem home owners face when they are looking to replace or fix their roof is finding the right person to do the job. Maintenance of your roof is one of the most important jobs to do. Roof maintenance takes an expert's skills and professional experience from roofing contractors and trained roofers. This should not mean that you choose the first person you come across though. Finding someone who is trustworthy and honest and professional may sound difficult but with a few top tips we can make the process easier to find the perfect roofing contractor for your job.

Local Referrals

According to Ben From Leeds & District Roofing Services "Get local referrals, there will be less chance of any potential issues or scams when you chose someone from your own community". Your family or friends may have used someone that they wish to recommend so ask around. They will also be more familiar with local rules and code regulations.

Read Reviews & Do Your Research

Research as much as you possibly can. With the internet we can all conduct our own searches nowadays. The most searched-for companies will appear first on the internet search engine result list meaning that they would be good to take a look at. Check the companies review section, including on their Facebook page if they have one too. This will tell you a rating they have received from previous customers and how reliable that they are. This is all good research so you can narrow down a few companies to contact about a quote.

Safe At Heights

Be concerned about safety. A roofing contractor should have all the safety requirements needed, if they don't and they are a lot cheaper always go with safety and pay that bit extra.


Do a company background check on any roofing contractors before signing any contracts. Make sure the company you want to use has a license. The company should have insurance, a license and relevant certifications.

Get A Couple Of Quotes

Get different quotes for the work. Don't use the first person to come and provide you with a quotation. Shop around and once they have given you a price you should be able to choose which company would be the best one to work on your roof. Don't necessarily go with the cheapest one as good recommendation are worth more and you don't want to risk the company using cheap materials to complete your roofing job.

Don't give in to pressure. A contractor who pressure you to sign a contract without letting you go through it first is not the best person for you.

Make sure everything is documented. All the price quotes, warranty, product guarantee, maintenance and check up and all terms and conditions should be ocumented so no hidden charges can arise after you have agreed a price.

No Obligation Assessment

All roofing contractors should give you an assessment for free. They will suggest potential solutions for any damage they find in your roof and suggest what can be done. They may ask for a travel fee but check with the roofing contractor beforehand.

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