Top 5 Trending Concrete Finishes

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In previous years, concrete was considered an industrial material known for its durability and versatility. People commonly use it on driveways. However, you may be surprised at how concretes can be of great use to other parts of your property through modern innovations. Its presentation and use have expanded. You can now achieve aesthetically-pleasing commercial and industrial refurbishments using concrete's varied colours, designs, and finishes.

You can avail of various concrete finishes for your driveways, porch, walkways, patio, pool decks, and garage floors. It mainly depends on how elaborate you want it to be and how much you are willing to spend. With these trending concrete finishes, you can choose from specific functional and decorative purposes that will work best for you.

With the numerous uses of concrete in property improvement, there are various things to consider. Before you grab your pick, take a look at these top five trending concrete finishes.

#1: Exposed Aggregate
The exposed aggregate is a great concrete finish to provide a prominently fricative and durable surface. It is popular for driveways, pool decks, footpaths, and patios where a non-slip surface is needed.

Besides standard concrete, concreters use quartz, limestone, basalt, granite, seashells, or coloured glass. They expose these materials by washing the top layer of the standard concrete away. Exposed aggregate offers a slip-resistant and attractive finish.

#2: Coloured Concrete
Levelling up the visual appeal of your property does not always have to be elaborate and expensive. For starters, you can try coloured concrete. You can upgrade and try to choose from the coloured concrete's wide range of colours. The most popular colours are tan, brown and terracotta because it gives off a natural look.

There are two ways to add colour to concrete. It can be through pigmentation, where the concreters add the pigment to the concrete mix before laying it out. This process ensures a vibrant colour finish to the concrete. The other way is through painted concrete. The concreters wait for the concrete to settle, and then it is painted like a wall. For as long as the concrete is sealed and cured well, painted concretes can last for a long time.

#3: Stamped Concrete
With stamped concrete's various colours, patterns and textures, it can mimic the appearance of brick, stone, wood, or tile. It is one of the most popular concrete finishes because, when installed properly, stamped concrete can stay durable for a long time. It is a material that does not need replacing and resetting.

#4: Troweled Finish
Once the concrete has been poured, the concreters will flatten it with a screed. This concrete finish uses a trowel to create a smooth and fine-level concrete surface. They can opt to do it manually or by using a machine. If you plan to have a troweled finish for bigger properties, they will use power trowels.

#5: Broom Finish
A broom finish is ideal if you want to achieve a slip-resistant surface. After the concrete has been poured, levelled, and troweled, the concrete finishers will drag a broom across the surface to create small ridges. These small ridges will provide traction control, so they will be slip-resistant even when the surface is wet.

Now that you have a concept of the different concrete finishes you can consider, you will have various ways to turn your plain old concrete into something more individualistic and unique. If you want your property's concrete features to stand out from others, the different concrete finishes mentioned above are a sure way to do it.

To achieve your ideal concrete finish, you must hire a reliable concreter to use top-quality concreting products and ensure the project's professional execution.

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