Transforming Your Home and Garden with Sustainable Composite Decking

Adding a deck to your home can completely transform your outdoor space, providing an inviting area to relax, dine and entertain. Composite decking has become an increasingly popular choice for deck building, offering the natural look of real wood without many of the downsides.

Composite decking provides a low-maintenance, sustainable option that can stand the test of time. Read on to learn more about the benefits of composite materials and how they can reinvigorate your home and garden.

Why Choose Composite Decking?

Traditional wooden decks can be high-maintenance, requiring yearly staining, sealing and frequent cleaning. They can also become warped, cracked and splintered over time. Composite deck boards are designed to be low-maintenance as well as long-lasting:
  • Durability - Composite decks are highly resilient to damage. The materials resist moisture, fading, mould, mildew and insect damage better than natural wood. This durability means your deck will stay looking great for years.
  • Low-Maintenance - Unlike natural wood, composite boards don't require staining, sealing or frequent sanding and cleaning. Just an occasional soap and water clean is all your composite deck needs.
  • Sustainability - Many composite decking products are created from recycled materials like plastic bags and wood fibres. This makes them an environmentally-friendly alternative. They require less energy-intensive manufacturing than other decking options too.
  • Customization - Composite decking comes in a wide variety of colours, shapes and finishes. Mix and match shades and board designs to create your perfect custom decking look.

Design & Installation

Planning your deck design is an integral first step. Consider the size, shape, height and placement that will work best for your home. Think about how the space will be used - dining area, lounge area, connected to garden, etc - as this will impact the layout.

You'll also need to decide on:
  • Board style - mixed widths or consistent; grooved or solid
  • Colour scheme - uniform or multiple shades
  • Additional features - steps, integrated seating, storage, lighting
Composite decking planks are installed in a similar manner to timber. For DIYers, they require similar tools and skills like cutting, drilling and screw fastening. Many deck boards feature grooves to allow water drainage and conceal screw fixings too.

Proper installation is key to ensuring stability, safety and visual appeal. Unless you are already very competent in deck construction, it is advisable to have a professional install a composite decking substructure and boards.

Re-Imagining Your Outdoor Space

A high-quality composite deck provides the perfect blank canvas to re-imagine your garden and create an incredible outdoor living space.

Here are some ideas to consider incorporating into your new deck area:
  • Dining Area - Outfit with a table, chairs, barbecue grill and lighting so you can host memorable alfresco culinary experiences. Add some beautiful pot plants for an attractive finishing touch.
  • Lounge Area - Include comfortable seats, coffee table, fire feature and throw rugs to create a cosy relaxation nook. Strung lighting adds ambiance for long evenings spent socialising outdoors.
  • Hot Tub - Elevate your entertaining opportunities by installing a hot tub! Composite decking can readily support the weight. Imagine unwinding under the stars or having fun gatherings.
With composite decks requiring barely any maintenance, you're free to accessorise your space with pots, seating, rugs and water features. Let your creativity run wild! The versatility of composite materials makes just about any feature possible.

Choose Sustainable Composite Solutions

When planning your new composite deck, be sure to explore the many sustainable options now available. There are great quality products made from recycled plastic, renewable bamboo and wood - plastic composite mixes.

Ecoscape offers a wide range of boards and accessories to suit any project. With zero toxic chemicals and over 90% recycled content, their boards provide a durable, stable and eco-friendly decking solution. Their range includes grooved and solid boards, as well as aluminium deck tiles. Various colours and finishes are available to achieve your desired look.

For a sustainable deck that delivers style, functionality and supreme longevity, composite is the modern choice. With more durable, customizable and eco-friendly products now available from brands like Ecoscape, it's a great time to consider installing composite decking in your outdoor space.

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