Types Of Locks For Your External Doors

Choosing the right lock for your home is a big deal, there are so many different choices out there its hard to decide which is the best option for you. Hopefully these few tips will make that decision a little easier and will help find the right lock. Making it as difficult as possible for someone to enter your premises, makes a great preventative measure, which could make a burglar think twice before attempting to break into your property. Combining a good lock with an intruder alarm and security camera, can help keep your castle secure and safe.

Round Knob Locks
Round knob locks are very common in all types of residential areas and can be used alongside other locks such as deadbolts. Although easy to install and secure to a certain degree, knob locks can easily be bypassed by simply knocking off the handle with a tool. Therefore, it is important that they're not used on external doors as the primary source of security.

Deadbolts are commonly used as an external lock and offer a few different variations; single, double, and lockable thumb-turn. A single deadbolt lock uses a key to open the door from the outside, however one is not required to open the door from the inside; the risk of using this type of lock is if somebody manages to get into your home through another access point, the door can easily be opened from the inside. The alternative to this would be the double cylinder deadbolt. Just as a single, it requires a key to open the door from the outside, however it also requires a key to open from the inside too. Neil from said "This is more secure than a single deadbolt lock, however can cause aggravation if the key has been misplaced, especially when in a rush." The final variation of the deadbolt lock is called a lockable thumb-turn. Similarly, to the first lock, it requires a key from the outside but can be opened without one when opening from the inside; however, the difference is with the lockable thumb-turn you have the option to lock it from the inside also.

Mortise locks
Mortise locks are another popular lock around residential areas and are definitely viewed as one of the more secure choices of locks. This is because it is a much more heavy-duty lock than a tubular lock for example, which is also very common around residential areas. The reason behind this is it is a much more heavy-duty lock, which has a number of different benefits such as an integrated deadbolt, a heavy duty spring, and a hardened cylinder which means it is very hard to tamper with it.

These are just a few different types of locks that are available to you when deciding which one to buy, and they each come with their own pros and cons. Just remember, whichever lock you decide to buy, make sure you're happy with the security of it to allow peace of mind when you're both inside and outside of your home.

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