Upgrading Your Homes Insulation with Spray Foam

Proper home insulation makes it more energy efficient. That's because it prevents uncontrolled moisture and airflow in and out of a home. Without proper insulation, unwanted air from outside enters a home while the conditioned air escapes. This increases the energy consumption of the structure. It also affects the overall comfort of the people living in a home.

The popularity of spray foam insulation is increasing. Although not new, spray foam is increasingly becoming a popular insulation material for upgrades and new buildings. This material is being used to protect homes from cold and hot weather. Perhaps, that's because spray foam installation is easy and it does an excellent job by sealing even tiny cracks that allow the unconditioned air to enter a building.

Why Upgrade Home Insulation with Spray Foam
Spray foam is a combination of chemicals that experts spray on the surfaces of a building including walls to prevent heat transfer. The two chemicals expand and react in foam creating a bigger layer. The expansion of spray foam fills all spaces on the surfaces where the chemicals are sprayed. Even small holes and tiny cracks are covered when the chemicals are sprayed properly.

Upon drying, the foam hardens to create a firm block that protects heat transfer and drafts. Foam spray insulation works best by sealing spaces with odd shapes and small cracks. The expansion of spray foam after application enables it to force itself into small spaces. It also blocks airflow better than some of the other insulation materials in the market. What's more, spray foam does not pull away from the surface or top of the insulated spaces.

When to Upgrade Home Insulation with Spray Foam

One of the best times to upgrade with spray foam insulation is when replacing the siding. After removing the siding, the existing insulation and sheathing can also be removed. This leaves the wall exposed. As such, 3-3.5 inch closed cell spray foam can be installed.

This spray foam application provides a great vapor and air barrier. It also prevents up to 95% of heat loss through conduction. And, this is a great improvement from the initial poly or fiberglass insulation. Spray foam insulation can also be applied to the ceilings, attics, and metal buildings. And, it can be applied during home improvement projects.

Is Spray Foam Insulation Safe?

Spray foam is a safe material for home insulation. That's because this material is the same that is used to make the foam pillows that are found in most homes. It's also used in electronic equipment, automobiles, and clothing. Thus, it's a material that is used to make some of the items that most people use daily. Spray foam is applied on surfaces to resist heat flow. And it does a great job when applied properly.

The Bottom Line
Upgrading your home insulation with spray foam is an affordable and effective approach. This insulating material can be used in most energy loss points of a home. These include the crawl spaces and the attics. It seals these areas to enhance energy savings and comfort in a home. Nevertheless, spray foam insulation should be applied by qualified experts to serve its purpose more effectively.

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