What to Look For in a Roofing Company

Most homeowners have to have their roofs inspected at least once a year. It is important to get a good understandi

To find a reputable roofing service, ask family, friends, neighbors, and the local business community. Most companies will be very happy to give you some recommendations. Make sure to compare both price, quality and guarantees.

Recommendations from local friends and family can be a great short-cut to finding a good roofing company, since you trust them AND you can see the work that's been carried out. However, what if you don't have that option and have to find a roofing company purely by looking at each roofing comany's website? Read on!

A good roofing company will tell you what to look for
Firstly, a good roofing company is passionate about, and highly experienced in, roofing. Thus, they can be in a position to accurately survey your roof and tell you what (if anything) needs to be done for your roof. Those two words in parenthesis are very important too. I know a good roofing company that does roof surveys and they are delighted to tell property owners that their roof is in good condition. Not only that, they give them a free guide on what to look out for in terms of heating insulation, potential leaks, erosion, and the best options for extensions. They don't do ANY hard selling - they are passionate about their job and want to inform their prospective customer base. Let me tell you - these guys get a LOT of word of mouth marketing. When you treat people fairly and honestly, they remember you.

Prices should be fixed and the jobs guaranteed, so you know what you're paying and what you're getting. If a roofing company starts talking about hourly rates or starts to break down the price into labour and parts, be wary. Why? Because such a company may come to you half way through the job and tell you that they need to order more expensive materials, or work more hours. Why is that your problem? A good roofing company keeps pricing simple and gives you guarantees. They can do that because they have confidence in their own abilities, so they can price fairly accurately, and be confident they can do the job within budget.

Check their previous work

A good roofing company will show off their previous work and have detailed testimonials you can read. Undertaking a roofing project is not light work, nor simple (to get the job done well). Therefore, roofing companies should be showing details of their previous work so you can judge their quality of work.

Ask them about materials
Materials matter. There are many types of slate and tile and you need to know what they are putting on your roof. A good roofing company should be able to offer you a menu of materials and tell you the benefits of each one. If they NEVER mention materials, that's a potential red flag.

Be very prudent when choosing a roofing company. Do not rush the decision, ask friends and family, and do not let a roofing company pressure you into making any decision.

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