What to Look for When Buying Garden Tools

When searching for garden tools it is important to use the same sort of thinking and discretion you might use if you're buying white goods, fishing equipment, hi-fi or anything that rewards you for opting for trusted brands and a bit of quality. A little online research will always reap some dividends, but can cost you time and energy, so this article looks to break down the key factors into what makes a good garden tool investment.

There are many indicators that separate quality garden tools from cheap, nasty imitations and opting for the latter is almost always a false economy in the long run. You need to be looking for tools made by established brands and/or fitted with padded handles or ergonomic grips. Shock absorption technology can be a real bonus for tools that require heavy use. Essentially you want to find tools that will remain comfortable in your hands for the amount of time you will be using them in any given session.

There are four main characteristics that mark out the best garden tools. They are as follows:
  • Durability: You want to opt for tools that are made from durable materials such as stainless steel. Well-established brand Wilkinson Sword are a trusted company that always use stainless steel and good quality wooden handles.
  • Quality: Investing in better quality tools that will last for years to come is far better for the environment and your wallet in the long term. Cheaper tools can be prone to rust, breakage and will often frustrate in terms of their quality, meaning you'll only have to replace them down the line. Also, with jobs that require finesse and precision, like pruning of box trees, you will want to apply this quality mantra even more strongly. A great pair of box tree shears, such as ones from Wolf Garten are a great investment.
  • Combined use: Some tools have multi-functionality and taking advantage of this will undoubtedly save you money and all-important space in the shed! You will also save time if you can move from one task to another seamlessly without changing your tool.
  • Comfort: Perhaps the most important characteristic of any tool apart from its ability to do the job to a high standard is its level of comfort when used. You should always avoid tools that you can imagine rubbing or proving too unwieldy to use for the amount of time you will need to be working with them. Look for ergonomic designs, efficient weighting and comfortable handles. Wilkinson Sword Deluxe Bypass Pruners are just the ticket and a fine example of the synergy of design, comfort and durability that you should look for in your tools. They benefit from high quality Japanese steel blades, perfect cutting angle for both right and left-handed work (ergonomics) and non-slip, soft grips allowing for pain-free use throughout a morning or afternoon pruning session.

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