Why Foundation Repair is So Expensive

Foundation repairs are expensive. While this is common knowledge, the underlying reasons for the high cost of foundation repairs remain widely unknown.

Foundation repairs are expensive. And this is relatively common knowledge that anyone who has had their foundations repaired understands well. Despite this, the reasons for the high cost of foundation repairs remain largely unknown. Even those with some ideas may miss out on some critical factors.

As you will learn from this article, several factors account for the high cost of foundation repairs. Understanding how each of these factors contributes to the final cost of the repair individually and together is essential to help you make the right decisions on your next home foundation repair.

Repair Prices Vary

The essential point to note is that despite the overall view that foundation repairs are expensive, the repair prices vary. Various factors, such as the number of piers required and the amount of labor, will affect the overall cost of the repair. Moreover, the nature of the repair will determine the price. While minor repairs may not be expensive, significant repairs could cost more.

Types of Repair

To better understand why foundation costs are expensive, let's consider some of the most common types of repairs. We are going to look at sink repair, crack repair, and leak repairs.

Sink Repair

The repair of sinking foundations is the most costly. Several factors contribute to this. One of the main influencing factors is the number of piers you will require to lift and lower the house during the repair. Usually, a structural engineer will prepare a structural report, another additional cost, to determine the number of piers needed.

Additionally, the house's proximity to the ground could also influence the repair cost. If the building sits directly on the soil, then there would be an additional cost of digging to access the foundation. Likewise, should a soil report be required, this will also be part of the overall cost.

Repair of a Leak and Waterproofing

Flooding can cause cracks on the surface and base of the walls because of the sustained water pressure. The stagnant flood water can also cause damage to the floor. Overall, flooding leading to such leak repairs can add to the cost of floor repairs. Luckily, you can prevent flooding around the foundation to avert these costs altogether in the first place.

Repairing Cracks

Wall cracks repair is generally simple and less costly. However, using flexible epoxy injections to repair the cracks is only a cosmetic solution. The apertures may be more profound and go down to the foundation. So, while the cost of repairing the cracks cosmetically may be less, if the gap is severe and requires floor repair, the price will be higher. The cost will include fixing the wall's cracks and the floor.


While the exact figures may vary from place to place, the overall cost of repairing floors is high. And this is due to various factors, as discussed above. Nevertheless, you can lower your floor repair costs by working with experts. That's because a professional contractor has connections that help them get the necessary materials at lower prices. Also, they have the essential skills, experience, and tools to do the job faster. Thus, they can lower your labor cost.

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