Why You Should Buy a Protection Dog

We are now entering an era where people are increasingly feeling less and less secure and for good reasons. Because of this desire to make ourselves as secure as we possibly can, people have been searching for the skills and tools to protect themselves. One of the tools you could choose is to purchase is a trained protection dog.

If you want dog for protection, there are several things you need to think about before getting one. With the right breed and training you can have a dog that is prepared to protect you and your family, and it can also make a beloved pet too.

If you want an extra level of security and safety in your life then getting a dog that can protect you, your family, your home and alert you to danger is a good idea. The key is to pick a suitable breed to protect and make sure the dog is fully trained. Spending money on a protection dog is something you will need to do to get the right one. Go with a company that has a good track history of raising protection dogs and expect to get what you pay for, it most certainly will be worth the money to keep you safe.

According to Bob from Personal Protection Dogs - "Breeds of dog known for their protective personalities include German shepherds and Dobermans". In general breeds that make good protective dogs will be loyal, alert, obedient and courageous.

A dependable dog for protection requires training from a young age. Early obedience training is critical because an owner needs to have control of its dog. If someone breaks into your house or business the dog will be trained to attack. If the attacker stops moving the dog will let, go or the dog will step away if you call him off the person. If the person attacks again, the dog will spring into action once more.

Getting an aggressive, untrained dog from a dog's rescue centre or rehoming such a dog with the goal of using it for protection is a very dangerous thing to do. A dog from a specialist trainer has learned specific skills and is socialised too.

Protection dogs have heightened senses and can alert you before a threat is too close. They can provide companionship and comfort in hard or stressful times. They provide a visual deterrent to many people that may be considering you as a target. More criminals would rather to be shot than being bitten by a dog.

Some people that are deaf use a protection dog to help them day to day. They can alert the owner to such things as a doorbell and touching them with their paw. If there is a dangerous situation the dog can be trained to alert and drop to the floor, so the owner knows.

Protection dogs can also make great family pets too. Yes, they are trained in a way to protect the family, but they also love to play and have fun too.

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