Why Your Garden Is The Centre Of Your Home

Nature is the gift from God, and I enjoy the beauty of nature in my garden. We have formed a very big garden around our home. We have planted varieties of flowers, vegetables and fruits. While my neighbours clutter their gardens with gazebos and patios, we leave ours to flourish on its own without any furniture.

Our friends and neighbours are always hinting to us to manicure our garden and buy some furnishings for it, but we like the look of nature that's bearly constrained.

I'm not a fan of mowing the lawn, so we have opted for artificial grass in the centre of our garden. However, the perimeter is fairly much left to grow on its own - with occasional trimming just so we don't let our bushes take over the surrounding pathways outside our home.

You can tame nature to certain degree, but it comes at a price. You see, the wildlife has voted our garden the best amongst our neighbourhood! It's in our garden that you find the most exotic butterflies, and the sweetest birdcall. There is no greater compliment than when the birds and butterflies also like to live in your garden too.

Furthermore, you can find many medicinal plants and green leaves in our garden. We also grow a papaya tree, a coconut tree, a guava tree, and a plantain tree in our garden. We inhale fresh and pure air which is very good for health. Everyone in my home spends as much time as possible in the garden. The sight of colourful flowers is very pleasant to our eyes. We enjoy eating fresh vegetables and fruits obtained from our garden. The fact that we are living among such natural growth reminds us that a wholefood diet is, well...second nature, and good for us. In my opinion, the garden is the only place where you can truly relax physically as well as mentally. Would you like to enjoy all these pleasures? Then re-discover your own garden!

Article kindly provided by elite-lawns.co.uk

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