Working From Home Pushes Us Into a Greener Future

Without question, adopting conventional business practices these days is not the best way to start up a brand new business, particularly with Covid-19 still lingering around.

With every crisis, there are opportunities. 2020 has been a crisis year, no doubt about it - but the opportunities are becoming quite obvious - the ability to run a business via the internet is one way to circumvent lockdown problems and also capture more business via good marketing practices online.

We've seen that it's viable for a lot of employees to work from home via the internet. Consider the amount of time saved by not having to commute to the workplace, and in addition contemplate a much smaller company office also - even perhaps no workplace whatsoever. This was an idea to many only a short 12 months ago. Now - because of Covid-19 - it's become a reality for millions of workers throughout the world. This is perhaps one of the upsides to what has been a terrible year for many - the opportunity to see the time and cost savings working from home can bring.

And so for you, you might consider starting up a new business - perhaps a partnership of sorts - where each individual works from home, and you can use something like Dropbox as your "hub" to share work.

This kind of setup has very low costs, but the cost savings needn't stop there. You should consider the power sources your home uses. Using older fossil fuels such as oil and coal shall guarantee you are controlled by the gas and oil empires and their regular price hikes. Using options such as solar power systems means you've gotten energy prices under your own control much more, particularly in the summer months. Moreover, solar is very low maintenance so once you've installed your panels, you're looking at years of reduced electricity bills for your home.

There's never been a greater need to shed the more conventional ways of doing business and to embrace the latest technology. In fact, it's becoming clear that it's no longer even an option.

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