10 Mason Jar Accessories You Should Have in Your Kitchen

No kitchen is complete without the tools necessary for cooking and cleaning. But what tools do you need in your toolkit? What's best to have on-hand for cleaning? What will help you make the most out of your Mason jars?

Getting started - or giving your kitchen drawers an upgrade - can seem daunting. That's why our culinary experts have compiled a list of ten products that are bound to improve productivity, functionality, and even aesthetic. From specific Mason jar lids to kits and clothing items, we at Mason Jars are sure you'll find a product that best suits both your interests and needs, so you can worry less about figuring out what needs to be in your kitchen cabinet and focus more using your kitchen tools to fix up great snacks, meals, and more!

  1. reCAP© Mason Jar Lids Starter Set Including Jars

Every Mason jar needs a lid - that's why we crafted this 10-piece starter set. Our lids are:

  • BPA Free

  • Eco-friendly

  • Freezer and Dishwasher Safe

  • Stain Resistant

  • Made in the USA

  1. Laminated Cotton Adult Apron

This IMPWEARhome apron will provide protection from any mess. With nine colorful designs to choose from, you'll be sure to find the right and bright one that appeals to your inner artist. This apron is 100% cotton, BPA & Phthalate-free, food-safe, and comes with two pockets ready for any additional accessory. While it is useful for crafts, gardening, and painting, you'll definitely want to wear this apron to keep yourself clean while canning!

  1. reCAP© Mini Mason Jar Shaker Lids

These mini lids will allow you to get more use out of any jar. Compatible with the Ball 4 ounce Mini Mason Jar, the mini lids will transform these smaller jars into containers perfect for salt and pepper, herbs and spices, and even smaller crafts. You'll find big opportunities in small packages, as the options are endless!

  1. reCAP© Mason Jar Shaker Inserts for FLIP

Like our reCAP© Mini Mason Jar Shaker Lids, these shaker lids are designed for a multitude of purposes, but hold a much larger quantity. There is one insert for fine ingredients, and one for coarse ingredients; they should only be used with reCAP© FLIP and POUR CARRY lids.

  1. reCAP© Mason Jars Lid Sprayer Cap

A sprayer lid can turn any Mason jar into the best cleaning solution container. Perfect for cleaning up messes in the kitchen, this lid is compatible with all standard-size Mason jars. We also suggest that you turn your Mason jar into a DIY Essential Oil Room Spray: visit the product's page for the list of ingredients!

  1. Mason Jar Slate Cheese Board

With this board, you won't just Seize the Day; you'll Cheese the Day! While its main function is for serving and food presentation, this board can also double as a cutting board for food preparation. This board comes in two color choices, and you won't forget where you purchased this product from given its fun, distinctive Mason jar shape. What's more, when canning your Mason jars, this board can serve as a barrier between your food items and your countertop, as well as a method of transportation between counters.

  1. Gin & Tonic Kit

If you've ever wanted to create your own compound gin and tonic syrup, Mason Jars is now presenting the perfect opportunity. This kit includes two quart-size Mason jars and an instructional guide full of relevant recipes. What's more is that we even include all of the herbs and spices to get the job done three times! If you're looking to entertain and provide a specific aesthetic for a special occasion, drink a G&T out of a Mason jar!

  1. reCAP© Mason Jar Pour Spout Lid & Tap

Eco-friendly and made in the USA, our spout lid is ideal for transforming any Mason jar into a tool that can pour just about any liquid, from syrup to various cocktail ingredients. One buyer has even commented that this lid is great for using olive oil!

  1. Magnetic DropCatch Bottle Opener

Tired of losing track of your bottle openers? We've found a solution for you!

This product can be magnetically mounted to any metallic kitchen appliance, or even affixed to the wall if you prefer the decorum. Additionally, this bottle opener will prevent messes by collecting up to at least 40 bottle caps, and we offer two types of wood to choose from in order to match the style of your kitchen. Once the DropCatch Bottle Opener is full, consider upcycling your bottle caps by placing them into a Mason jar for decorative purposes.

  1. Mason Straw Lid

Say goodbye to disposable ware! Our stainless steel Mason Straw Lid will transform any Mason jar into the perfect drinking tumbler when paired with our Skinny Single Glass Straw. Safe for hot and cold beverages, get ready to drink tons of water, coffee, tea, and smoothies!

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