A Look at the Various Responsibilities a Tree Surgeon Has

Tree surgery involves many, many things beyond simply chainsawing through trunks and branches. A professional tree surgeon will:-
  • have to find out if his latest (potential) new job is in a conservation area or not, or has a preservation order in place.
  • have in place insurance if any mishaps occur. This insurance protects the client as much as it does the tree surgeon
  • when inspecting the tree, look for dead wood, splits, and cracked limbs, that will most definitely break-off under wind or heavy snow
  • work all year round. Some jobs require emergency work and a professional will be able to do the job in almost any weather
  • clear up all debris and not leave this job to the client
  • take into account aesthetics of the surrounding area.
  • inform the client beforehand exactly what they are intending to do, and get the consent of the client to carry out those jobs
  • have a portfolio of completed jobs on their website for you to peruse and evaluate
As you can see, there's a lot of responsibilities a professional tree surgeon will have. Knowing what these responsibilities are will help you evaluate potential arborists for the job you require them to do.

Article kindly provided by treesurgeonrufford.co.uk

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