A Quick Look at the Benefits of Landscaping Your Garden

There are many benefits to landscape gardening - you just have to know what to look for.

Here's one simple example that landscaping can bring to your garden: soil health. Landscaping allows you the chance to distribute some higher quality soil into your garden. When you have healthy soil, it gives your plants a higher quality of life, and they can survive longer than with soil of lower quality. Having good soil also prevents erosion, allows for better water flow, and reduces the risk of flooding. Furthermore, good soil gives your plants the right amount of nutrients throughout the day. Another benefit to good soil is that it makes sure that root systems stay strong.

Landscape gardening has numerous other benefits, including giving your garden more SPACE. With some clever landscape design ideas, you can organise your garden so that not a square inch is wasted. That doesn't mean everything will look "crowded" (very bad to crowd plants, as we all know) - it will just mean there's no "dead space" - every square inch serves a purpose - even if it's to create space between plants.

Unless you are very confident of your own skills, I would advise to hire a professional landscaper to do both the design and actual work. They know what they are doing, and can come up with a number of distinct designs that you can choose from, so you still have the ultimate say over what your garden will look like. They will also be able to get materials cheaper (as they will have trade deals). Be a gardener, not a landscape gardener - leave that to the professionals.

When choosing a professional, always look at their previous work, and read up on their reviews. A landscape designer may be very good at their job, but perhaps they have different design ideas to what you prefer - so always check out their previous jobs.

If you are not sure what design to choose, I would err on the side of a more spacious design. You can always fill that space with some new ideas later on, rather than have to dig up some elaborate stonework design.

Article kindly provided by glendale-landscaping.com

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