Asbestos Testing Prior to Developing

Asbestos testing is a critical element in the construction industry. Its purpose is to test for the presence of asbestos-containing material (ACM).

Asbestos presents serious health risks to people. In the construction sector, experts have increasingly phased off the use of asbestos since the 1980s. However, buildings that constructors built before then often will have asbestos-containing material (ACM). Increased regulatory requirements have necessitated the use of asbestos testing as a standard in the sector.

Purpose of Asbestos Testing

Thorough asbestos testing involving taking samples of the building materials for analysis in the laboratory is crucial. The primary purpose is to test for the presence of ACM. Since a visual examination is not always enough to conclude whether ACM exists in the building materials, asbestos testing is necessary.

Different stakeholders use the results from the asbestos testing to make informed decisions. For regulatory entities, the test results can help the issuance of construction, demolition, or renovation permits. The test results are essential for homeowners determining what building materials to use. Finally, for building purchasers, the asbestos testing results can inform their decision to go ahead or stop buying a particular building.

When to Perform Asbestos Testing

Typically, asbestos testing is part of the due diligence applied in real estate transactions and financing. More often than not, asbestos testing happens before the renovation or demolition of a building. However, it can also occur after major disasters, such as flooding, that may be suspected to have caused significant damage to a building.

Despite the ban on using asbestos in construction, some people still use it in the sector today. Specifically, asbestos is common in various building materials, such as floor tiles and roofing materials. So, you may require asbestos testing of your building materials before starting construction.

Moreover, many development projects occur in places that had previously had other building structures. Often, people construct new buildings where they demolish old or worn ones. Therefore, asbestos testing is vital to ensure that the site doesn't have ACM before developing it.

Importance of Asbestos Testing Before Developing

Asbestos testing before development is as essential as during demolition or renovation. The process serves the same purpose: to test for the presence of ACM. One would wonder why such testing is necessary before developing in a new area. To avoid doubt, ensure that you undertake the asbestos testing before starting development on any site since you may not know the site's history.

When it comes to renovation, part of development, asbestos testing can help prevent exposure to health risks. The demolition workers will be working in a risky environment if they don't know whether there is ACM. Therefore, for their safety, asbestos testing is essential.


Asbestos testing is necessary to test for the presence of ACM. The results from the test will then inform development decisions. Moreover, asbestos testing is a requirement to acquire a development permit. But most importantly, it helps prevent health issues from exposure to this hazardous material. Nevertheless, only experienced professionals should test for asbestos or work in an area you suspect has this material.

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