Cost Effective Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Your Garden Strimmer

With the summer round the corner, our thoughts turn to those neglected gardens. Before tackling gnarly hedges and lawns, though, you may want to tackle the forgotten garden power tools in the shed.

Even the best-stored garden tools will have been subject to some weather damage over winter. A simple maintenance regime will extend the life of your tools and allow you to use them for many years rather than having to replace them frequently. Let's take a look at the garden strimmer, which is an easy tool to maintain, and also thankfully there are many garden strimmer spare parts to be found online. Strimmer spares are always worth investigating, as they will be more cost-effective than replacing a whole tool.

Refer to the individual manufacturer's instructions before starting, but here is a simple checklist to help you service your strimmer. And make sure you know where to source garden strimmer replacement parts from in advance.

All garden strimmers will take in a lot of debris, which collects in the intake valves. Check the intake valves and clear out any large debris - use a brush to clear smaller debris that is hard to reach. Preferably do this after every use but especially before putting your strimmer away for winter.

Over time the air filter will fill up and you will need to take it apart to clean it out - it is normally held by a clip or screw. This job should be done at the end of the season before you put the strimmer away for the winter. If you find the air filter is in a bad state, you can get a strimmer

The nylon cord can come loose over time, which will stop the strimmer cutting. Check the cord at the end of each session - you can acquire garden strimmer replacement parts, including the cord, fairly easily.

Performing a general clean after every use will extend the life of the strimmer, but before storing it away for the winter you may want to be more thorough. Scrape off any debris, and clean away any dirt that has built up. Lightly oil any metal surfaces so they are protected from rust over the wetter months.

To prevent your strimmer falling over, lay it flat when storing and wrap it in some plastic or tarpaulin to protect it from the elements. If you do find a part has been damaged in storage, check online for garden strimmer replace parts before ditching the tool altogether.

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