Declutter Your Wardrobe With These Simple Tips

A large number of shoes, jackets and shirts must have accumulated in your wardrobe after years of hoarding, and you must've been dreading to even set a date of when you'll organise your pile upon pile of clothing. But if you're tired of being constantly greeted by heavy stacks of clothes toppling over you, it's time to roll up your sleeves and declutter your wardrobe.

  • Evaluate What You Need
It is hard to let go of your personal things, especially clothing, but you need to either donate or sell the stuff you're no longer using. Take everything out of your closets first and distinguish what are the ones you haven't worn for five years and the ones you're wearing from time to time.

  • Decide Your Seasonal Wear
Dividing your clothes by season can free up space in your wardrobe. Store your coats, scarves and gloves in an under-bed container when it's the warm season and pull them out again when the cold weather comes.

  • Use Pegs And Hooks
Use your wall space by hanging handbags, scarves, ties and hats instead of storing them on shelves or drawers. Short valet style rods can also be used with hanging shirts, dresses and suits.

  • Maximise Empty Spaces
If you see that you can still add another shelf, tension rod or hook on an empty space in your wardrobe, reach as high as possible to employ this area. You can store bulkier or seasonal items here such as boots and winter coats.

  • Replace Closet Doors
Closet doors also use space to swing them open and close. Maximise the use of space in your wardrobe by replacing the doors with sliding doors. This will give you a bit of extra room and can make your wardrobe look larger as a few inches can still make a difference. Additionally, use the wall space of the sliding doors to hang some ties or small handbags.

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